Canned Replies was designed to make sharing messages as quick and effortless as possible!

The features were developed with your productivity in mind.

Easily set up your messages

Canned Replies offers a quick and snappy UI for creating, editing, and deleting your messages.

Quickly copy your message

Canned Replies allows you to quickly copy or insert your message in Chrome and Android with a quick click or tap.

Integrated with Gmail

Click click send! Canned Replies seamlessly integrates into the Gmail tray, allowing you to quickly insert messages into emails with only a couple of clicks.

Context Menu integration

Canned Replies adds optional context menu support, allowing you to insert a canned reply in any field by using the right-click/control-click menu.

Popup menu

The Canned Replies popup is available to copy and paste from anywhere on the web!

Import and export support

Easily share your canned replies between Chrome and Android. Importing and exporting are supported on both platforms!


The Android app currently supports English, French and Spanish. More languages to come!

Coming soon!

Here's a sample of what's to come to Canned Replies!

Power users

Features to help all you power users use Canned Replies faster are currently under development.

Team collaboration

Features to support team collaboration more elegantly are currently under development.

iPhone app

An iPhone app is currently in development.

Keyboard integration

Canned Replies will soon offer Android keyboard integration to allow you to share even faster!

More sharing options for Android

More sharing options to come, e.g. starting a text or an email from the app.


Download the Chrome extension for your browser, or the Android app!